Get Back To Twerk | Twerking Around the World

There is the thick redbone who made a silly YouTube video called Twerkin at Walmart where she is shaking her phat ass in the store.

@imcaramelkitten twerkin at walmart
@imcaramelkitten shakin that sexy ass at walmart

Her ass is so phat and she is cute so understandably the video took off and she made a bunch more twerking videos like Twerkin in the Library, etc.

@imcaramelkitten twerkin at the library
@imcaramelkitten twerkin at the library

In other words @imcaramelkitten went viral.

They made me think of this funny GIF I saw a while back.

Anyways, she seems like a real cool, sexy broad who just likes to have fun.

It's not hard to see why she blew up.  I posted some pics of her below.  Enjoy.

imcaramelkitten ass titties

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